YOU'VE LANDED-------------------------- READY TO ROCK THE INTERNET!?!


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    • You want to be the next reddit… here’s your chance.
    • You want the go to site for a worldwide niche market… here’s your chance.
    • You want top entries on searches for a world class city’s hottest topic … here’s your chance.
    • You want the vehicle to power your entrepreneurial chops, you have the capitalization, the staff and courage to run with the BIGS … here’s your chance.
    • You want to boost a mediocre product into a buzz word… here’s your chance.

You’re wondering why I don’t do it myself. Simple. People move, start new careers, live fast or slow, roll in and out. People retire.

What Domain’s are they? Well, If you know enough to find them, you are on the right track.

Here’s your chance. Please read on.

I was around the World Wide Web as a young and impressionable student when Darpa had bulletin boards, so that will give you a pretty good idea of where I have been and a good idea of the websites, blogs, work from prompts, deep research and so forth that I’ve had a hand in.

I’ve solely owned these Dot Com names for nearly twenty years…purchased originally be me, and importantly, they have never gone live.

They are the only domain names I own (the one exception is this pages’ dot com) and I’m not, nor have I ever been, in the business of selling url’s. I am moving into non “inter-web” endeavors.

Because of that change I would very much like to see the three domain names discussed here used by twenty-first century entrepreneurs and businesses, women and men who can take them to a new generational level.

You may think this “wall of text” is a lot to read, but please understand that this information, these pages, are NOT pitching some form of free delivery, or coupon, or the best mattress or gadget and there is no box to sign up or thumbs up anything.

This is an information landing page for serious internet concept developers.

All the information linked here is to help make an informed decision about what could be your start, your unique approach, your way of moving into a new internet consciousness. Don’t just click through to look at cute pix, you’ll miss the the real content. The real point:

Using your imagination and taking a dot com into the future.